Why Did I Choose Software Engineer?

More often people talk about their future, what they want to accomplish. When I was growing up, my list did not have too many things to study. I have multiple reasons why I chose to study software engineering. I will say that two of them are that I like the way computer communicates to us and the option of working from home.

I am not a curious person. I like using my imagination thinking how a small device is able to do so much. I am always thinking of what is possible through technology. When it comes to that part of science, I always want to know from start to finish. I think of people with coding skill as technology superhero and I would like to be one myself. It drives me to know from the source. I always believe that apps had to be built by someone and not magic, so I want to be that person. It would no longer be a mystery in my head and would be something I personally do. I like imagining stuff that can’t be concretely explained. For example, I always wonder how can different materials come together to make a movie?

Getting Started

I work at a warehouse, but I am always in search for a career. Although I am crazy about coding, I never really saw it as a career. Like I mentioned earlier, I did not really know what I wanted to study. Unlike most people who know what they want to be when they grow up. I was always confused. The one thing I love, I know I do not cut out for it which is medicine. So, I couldn’t do it. I was given the opportunity to study through my employer, and surprisingly, luckily, software engineer was one of the courses they were willing to pay for. I knew without a doubt that would be the option I picked over everything else. It was like Christmas in the summer.

Turning Point

As we all know, since 2020 the country is going through a pandemic and we were restricted to stay home. A lot of people had to work from home. I said to myself, why not making software engineering a career? Like that, I would get to work from home. Do not get me wrong. I do not mind working, but I want to work independently. I would like the option to stay home and still get to work and get paid for it. I was always pro working-from-home. So, I chose software engineering and I know I will be good at it. I will be successful, And it will be a life changing career.



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Kathiana Mozilme

Kathiana Mozilme

I work at Amazon as a shipping handler, I am a technophile, I am a loving person Contact: kathianamozilme02.km@gmail.com